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Best deals on V Blender, Tray Dryer, Vibro Sifter, etc.
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Feature Products

Industrial Liquid Mixing Stirrer
MOQ: 1 Piece/Pieces
20000 INR/Piece
Industrial Vibro Sifter
MOQ: 01 Piece/Pieces
10000 INR/Piece
Multi Mill Machine
MOQ: 01 Piece/Pieces
100000 INR/Piece
Industrial Ribbon Blender
MOQ: 1 Piece/Pieces
50000 INR/Number

Best Sellers

Multi Mill Sieves
1200 INR/Piece
1 Piece/Pieces
Double Cone Blender
45000 INR/Piece
1 Piece/Pieces, ,
Chocolate Coating Machine
50000 INR/Piece
1 Piece/Pieces
Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender
50000 INR/Piece
1 Piece/Pieces
Octagonal Blender
10000 INR/Piece
01 Piece/Pieces
Tablet Inspection Machine
10000 INR/Piece
01 Piece/Pieces
About Us

The aim of Wecan Engineering Solutions is to develop and sell innovative and hi-tech products that are constructed conforming to latest industry trends. We fabricate machines and equipment in various types that can assure optimum quality in manufactured food products, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, among others. Powder Mass Mixture, Lab Octagonal Blender, Chocolate Coating Machine, Chocolate Coating Machine, Automatic Octagonal Blender, Tablet Inspection Machine, Vibro Sifter, etc., are few of the top selling products from our range, which are often demanded for handling specific tasks in high-capacity food and pharma manufacturing lines. 

We know that in any form of business, the competitive advantage lies with companies that know how to attune themselves with changing technology trends. This is the reason we make extensive production upgradation and R&D investments. We are proud that we also stand as a true product manufacturer and exporter that can take customized orders and expertly provide tailor made solutions often needed in the food processing, pharma product manufacturing and other sectors.

Mr. Dharmesh Y Khatri has been powering our business since 2012 with his acumen and business insights. He knows that our business is the perfect opportunity to showcase our skills and consequently make a difference to the lives of all the buyers associated with us. Being the driving force of our client centric firm, he makes sure we focus on clients needs under all circumstances and drive a positive change for everyone through our forward-looking manufacturing business.

Business Philosophy

To leverage top-of-the-line technology so that we exceed clients expectations every time we close an order.

Manufacturing Plant

Success in business, especially achieving efficiency in any manufacturing business is dependent on many factors. First of all, a company needs to have a proper agenda on how to bring together the right resources, whether technological or human, under one roof. Next, it also needs to come up with ways so that work is streamlined and efficient, and various processes get optimized as desired. 

At our large plant that we have erected in Ramol, Ahmedabad, we maintain the right technology and an efficient engineering team, which helps us construct Powder Mass Mixture, Vibro Sifter, Chocolate Coating Machine, Tablet Inspection Machine, Automatic Octagonal Blender and allied equipment, keeping strict focus on the following:

  • Design excellence
  • Quality
  • Innovation

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